Water Damage Restoration

The first 48 hours are crucial when dealing with water damage to a structure in Miami or even if the damage is in Ft. Lauderdale.

Fire Damage Restoration

A property or business owner is being affected by fire damage at every minute per day. Smoke damage is most common aside from burnt property.

Mold Remediation

The proper remediation of the mold is necessary to bring it back to its natural levels. If you suspect you have mold issues starting, call now!

Disaster Recovery Services

Our Disaster Recovery team is ready to assist you and family in restoring your home or business as quickly as possible.


We Protect What Matters Most To You!

Hire an experienced water damage & disaster recovery contractor in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

When your residential or commercial property suffers from fire, mold, or water damage, you are in dire need to control the situation to minimize the damage cost to you before it can get worse. It is a situation which needs the assistance of experienced damage restoration companies because not every damage you are able to repair. No need to panic, OTM Restoration technicians are always with you when you are in an emergency. Whether its water loss, mold growth, house fire, or an unfortunate trauma, our 24/7 available property damage restoration services can alleviate the risk of danger and get the situation back to normal.

Specialist for Every Kind of Damage

We are privileged to have responsible technicians with us who are skilled and trained to save whatever has been damaged by the rains, floods or pipe breaks. We are not only focused on providing water damage restoration service but to cover damages that put your everything at stake. The best part is that beside property damage restoration we also communicate directly with your insurer regarding property insurance claims.

What Makes Us Different From Others?

Respond immediately

Our professionals are dedicated to responding immediately to any disaster our clients suffering through. We believe that quick response lessens the effect of damage; limits further damage, and reduce the cost of damage.

Use advance damage restoration technique and equipment

Being one of the reliable fire restoration companies, the safety of our clients always rely on our top-priority and for their safety we are ready to go beyond any challenges using advanced restoration techniques and products to provide you a safe environment to breathe freely.

Hiring us in your difficult phase, allow you to live with the peace of mind knowing that our professionals do everything to get you out of the danger.

High trained damage restoration specialists

We are truly privileged to have the assistance of such responsible professionals with us who are specialized in water damage, fire and mold removal in Miami- the pillar strength of our business.


    Fire Restoration Services Fixes Fire Damage in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Home and business fires are one of the most devastating events a person can face. Fires often hit with little to no warning, and time to save lives and perhaps a few mementos, important papers, or pets is often all the time you have to respond and get to safety. Having to stand and watch your home or business burn is nothing less than gut wrenching. As the fear washes over you, the stress hits you in the face of having to deal with it all.

    Florida sees more than its share of building fires, often caused by lightning, carelessness, arson, or electrical fires. Florida, the #1 lightning state in the nation, saw a mind boggling 1,385,710 cloud to ground strikes just last year. Lighting tends to destroy, melt, burn, or blow up most anything it hits due to its 50,000 degrees temperature and massive charge. It is not the only cause of house and building fires, though. Everything from a lit candle left unattended and smokables left burning to grease fires and faulty wiring also cause fires, as well as arson, brush fires, and other things.

    Thankfully lightning damage and the aftermath is covered by most home or business policies. Sometimes the damage to the contents is not, however. Too often when fires occur, the damage really difficult to deal with is water and smoke damage with soot settlement, which make clean up extremely difficult. Smoke absorbs in most everything it contacts, from fabrics and upholstery to drywall, paint, paper products, plastic, wood, and flooring. If you are fortunate things did not burn completely, often a sooty, black, heavily smoky wet mess is left to clean up.

    Smoke and fire damage can also cause toxic off gassing depending on the materials the fire contacted. That, along with the generally nasty, grimy difficulty of cleaning up fire damage is a reason to contact a pro like OTM Restoration to take care of fire damage and the often present water damage that accompanies it.

    OTM utilizes professional education through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. All of our technicians are highly trained and know how to clean and make your property sparkle again, as well as how to salvage as much as possible of your belongings, inventory, fixtures, or furniture. We know you want your home or business to be back as close to pre-fire as possible, as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to achieve those goals.

    Call us as soon as you have fire damage and our team will be out to assess the situation, make a list of what needs done, and provide a free estimate. If there are issues needing immediately dealt with to secure or mitigate the potential for further damage, such as a roof or wall breech, we will attend to that with our 24-hour emergency response team. Our work is licensed and insured, and we want to help make this difficult time easier with quality fire restoration work you can count on as thorough, reasonable, and efficient.

    Why Mold Removal and Remediation is Important to safety and health

    Mold is a fact of life when you live in a warm, humid climate like the Sunshine State. Mold spores occur naturally in the air, on surfaces, and most anything that surrounds you. When it starts to grow, though, you should not try to live with it as mold can be dangerous.

    It is unsettling so many companies try and scare people about mold without knowing what they are talking about. Our experienced teams are trained and certified in mold removal and abatement, and we are licensed to handle mold issues in the State of Florida. We do lab certifiable air quality tests, identify the kind of mold present and know how to immediately implement air filtration and abatement.

    When mold is given the chance, it takes advantage of conditions to grow rapidly and expand into large colonies. Because of the climate and materials used in buildings here, when your home or business gets flooded or suffers damage due to a natural disaster mold becomes an opportunist. Toxic molds can cause a wide range of health issues including but not limited to allergic response, asthma, respiratory infections, pulmonary disease, infections of the sinuses, inner ear, and eyes, nose bleeds, skin rashes, loss of appetite, intestinal issues, lethargy, headaches, mental confusion, and in extreme cases, death. Your children and pets are the most susceptible due to their closer proximity to the floor (were most water damage ends up spending the most time culturing mold) coupled with their lower body mass and reduced immune response.

    Mold from water damage is often a sinister, hidden thing due to moisture being left interior in walls, under floors in cabinets, under tile and flooring, and behind wall coverings. Unless moisture is absolutely removed and the areas treated, mold, being air born and everywhere, can very easily land spores and flourish. Moisture removal and drying is essential, as well as identifying locations the mold has settled and is flourishing.

    Mold is not to be taken lightly and certainly cannot be ignored or not dealt with, because honestly, mold can be dangerous. If you can see a mold colony, it is past time to deal with it. Mold usually occurs as the result of water intrusion, leaks, or flooding, where water might be removed, but moisture is not. Moisture is what it loves, and mix in the nice, warm Florida weather and you have a perfect storm brewing for mold growth.

    Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing any area and structure with significant mold present (any one colony larger than the palm of your hand) is essential for both health and structural reasons. Mold grows by a series of mycelium, or "roots" that grow through materials and break them down. It is not unusual to see a mold infested tile wall in a bathroom collapse due to mold deteriorating grout between tiles. Sometimes drywall and other materials have to be removed from a mold infected structure as they are simply too deteriorated or too infested to be able to repair or remediate.

    Our team will remove the drywall or arrange for removal of other materials and treat the areas behind and around the damaged portions to avoid any further issue.
    When you have a mold issue, or suspect one, call OTM Restoration. We are trained, licensed, and certified to handle mold, and we know what we are doing. Our quotes are always free. Let us help you make your surroundings a lot healthier for you and your family.

    Disaster Recovery Services Florida Counts on After Hurricanes and Natural Disasters

    Living in Florida is a little different when it comes to keeping an eye on Mother Nature. While we rarely see earthquakes here, we do see more than our share of tropical storms, hurricanes, brush fires, lightning strikes, thunderstorm damage, tornadoes, diurnal tide flooding, and other events. There have been increased incidents in recent years, and our experienced teams at OTM have helped over 3,000 homeowners during Hurricanes Matthew and Irma tarp their homes, wrap damage, remove water, and clean soot and mud. We are set up and well equipped to provide rapid response with the proper equipment and materials to do whatever is necessary to help you stabilize your property post disaster.

    Storm response is challenging as often we are working without power, in flooded areas, with trees and power lines down. Our teams are trained to deal with emergency response to help secure your property, mitigate and minimize damage, and if possible, make your home or business safe to enter. Our experienced 24-hour emergency response staff knows how to secure, tarp, wrap, remove water, and do other desperately needed services with materials and processes that will prevent further damage, hold up to secondary winds, and not interfere with pending insurance adjustment.

    Often when storm damage occurs, you end up dealing with damage, water intrusion and flooding, or damage to property. OTM will respond as quickly as possible, assessing the damage, stabilizing the property if possible, removing debris and affected materials. We will remove water, dehumidify, sanitize, and dry floors, walls, furniture and other items. We will work to salvage and save personal items and belongings. We know that fast response is crucial for the best opportunity to save your home or business, your things or inventory, and restore your life.

    Call or contact OTM Restoration when you have storm damage and need disaster recovery. We are your local neighbors and we understand the difficulty of post disaster recovery. Our assessments are free of charge, and we are reasonably priced. We know you have enough to worry about when hit by a hurricane or other event, and the quality of your restoration services should help make your life better and less stressed.