Fast Service for Water Damage Fort Lauderdale

Not much can mess up your day worse than getting a panicked text that the house flooded. It means a pipe has busted, you have a serious toilet leak, or worse, flooding from severe weather or sewage. When it happens, pick up the phone and call OTM Restoration. Our 24-hour emergency team will be on the way to give you a free estimate and get the water up, sewage removed, moisture dried out, and problem repaired.

Water removal involves more than just sucking up the standing water or sewage invading your place with a shop vac. Water, given any opportunity, will be under your cabinets, saturating carpet padding, warping walls and floors, and will leak under molding to inside the base of walls. It is not just the water you need removed, but the moisture left after the visible water is gone. Moisture is what creates the ideal environment for those musty, moldy, mildewed growths inside your closets and cupboards, destroying fabric, carpeting, and making everyone sick.

Water damage is always a big shock, is always unplanned, and always frustrating to deal with in your home or business. Time is critical for water and moisture removal to avoid further damage to floors, walls, your belongings, and the very structure itself. The first 48 hours are the most critical, but it is extremely important to get moisture removed as quickly as possible in Florida due to the potential for mold and water born pathogen growth, endangering your family and pets.

Water damage not only destroys things, it can quickly become a serious health hazard. It only takes 12-24 hours for naturally occurring mold to become an opportunist and set about creating large colonies in the favorable, moist, warm conditions in your home. Mold is a serious health hazard as well as structurally damaging to drywall, studs, flooring, carpet and fabrics. It settles into your duct system and gets distributed throughout the HVAC system. It needs dealt with immediately, and that is why OTM's 24-hour emergency response team is ready to get water removed, moisture dried, and areas treated as quickly as possible.

Our experienced teams have over a decade of knowledge handling water damage issues in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area, including hurricane recovery. Severe weather affects all of Florida and can cause serious water damage from a leaking roof, faulty gutters, floodwaters, street runoff, or sewage backup. Call for your free quote and we will be out quickly to see what needs done to remove and dry your home or business, scientifically treat materials that could encourage mold and pathogen growth, and salvage your belongings as much as is possible.

Need Water Damage Restoration Fort Lauderdale Trusts? Call OTM.

Water intrusion and the subsequent damage to your home or business can include everything from flooding to overflowing toilets, a leaking washing machine or dishwasher hose or even Junior overflowing the second floor bathtub. Often surrounding structural elements such as cabinets, appliances, flooring, wall covering and other things are severely affected. The water and moisture left behind create a harbor for mold and pathogen growth, as well as creating a happy environment for insects and other creatures. You really don't what any of them setting up housekeeping in your building, do you?

That is why fast response to remove water and dry out the flooring, walls, and cabinetry is so critical. Fast water removal helps salvage materials. Experienced, thorough moisture removal and experienced, scientifically based treatment of the materials can make the difference between being able to save things like flooring and drywall versus being faced with expensive repairs, all on top of the water damage frustration.

Water damage restoration must be done to avoid structural compromise, minimize aesthetic loss and to bring your life back to normal. Water damage may include damage to flooring, including carpeting that must be removed and replaced, grout that needs steam cleaned and resealed, to drywall sectioning and replacement. Our restoration services cover many issues that result from water damage, fire damage, or from other disasters.

Hurricanes and severe thunderstorms with micro-cells can cause particular havoc in Florida, dumping massive amounts of rain and push damaging high winds through areas. They also start fires due to lightning. We will always provide a free quote and what options may be available to take care of the water removal and damage, and how to best reasonably restore your home or business. Your building is an investment, and water damage restoration helps keep that investment safe and looking good.

Mold Removal Fort Lauderdale Certified and Licensed

Mold is a fact of life in Florida, and occurs naturally in our tropical surroundings. When mold gets a chance, though, it immediately becomes a menace. Mold starts to grow within 12-24 hours when it has increased moisture, but you will not be able to see it for at least 72 hours - time enough to be spread through your entire home. Time is critical to stop this damage and potential serious health hazard from taking hold. This is why calling for professional water removal and water damage restoration from a pro like OTM is so critical. As soon as you have damage, not after things are saturated through and become harbors for mold growth, call us and let us take care of a solution for you.

OTM prides itself in being both licensed and certified in Mold Identification and Remediation by the State of Florida. We are air quality specialists, and know how to identify, remove, and treat mold in your home or business. Our 24-hour emergency response team knows that moisture removal, checking the air handling and filtration (how air moves) in a home, testing upholstery, fabric, and carpeting, as well as areas that mold tends to find favorable for growth, are all critical to stopping a mold infestation in your home. Mold can become a serious liability issue for businesses as well, due to exposing employees and the public to potential health hazards.

Full Service Water Removal Mold Mitigation Removal Restoration

OTM Restoration provides water removal, water damage restoration, mold removal and mitigation, fire restoration and disaster recovery services. If you find yourself dealing with a problem that needs a solution, call us for a free quote. We will be there fast and make things much better quick with our trained, experienced crews working to take care of your problem.